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Innovative platform for routing and traceability of funds

How many business opportunities get missed because of lack of trust and transparency?

Historically, principal-agent agreements were subject to moral and counterparty risk of non-compliance with agreed terms. BM-Trusck significantly reduces that uncertainty by providing real-time traceability of funds.

trazabilidad de los fondos

Principal-Agent problem

The principal-agent problem refers to situations where one entity or person, the "agent", has the ability to affect the situation of a third party, the "principal", by making decisions that concern both.

For financial processes there is a risk, moral hazard, which corresponds to opportunistic behaviour where one party seeks its own benefit at the expense of the other party not being able to observe or be informed of its conduct. Moral hazard appears in markets with asymmetric information.

trazabilidad de los fondos

Costs related to information asymmetry

Incentive systems that align the agent's interests with those of the principal.
Preventive control systems that anticipate undesired actions.
Audits that correctively detect deviations.
Controls by trusted third parties (notaries, banks, mediators, etc.) to validate actions between the parties.
Multiple reports to inform the different stakeholders about the actions mentioned in the previous points.

BM-Trusck Funds routing and traceability system

BM-Trusck is based on blockchain technology and escrow accounts that channels through digital pipelines the funds the principal transfers to the agent and those the agent transfers to suppliers of goods and services. The system uses stable cryptocurrencies that can be directed to predefined accounts. This ensures that the use of the funds will have the destination agreed between the parties without the need to incur the aforementioned costs.

trazabilidad de los fondos


Investor, Donor and Lender

Real time funds traceability and transparency
Improved compliance of budget and schedules
Greater security in jurisdictions with weak law enforcement
More trust, more business opportunities
PEACE OF MIND: No frauds and Ponzi schemes

Developer and Agent

Higher liquidity and effective fundraising
Less audit requirements with automated reporting system
Less paperwork and administrative costs
Integrated quotation process for suppliers
Easy to adapt to different jurisdictions

Use Cases

Escrow services are useful in different scenarios where money or goods are transferred between parties.



High-value transactions between parties

Green loans

Financial services

Projects financing

Charity funds allocation

Assets tokenization

Green bonds

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