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The most complete asset tokenization platform

Powerful software that supports all stages of issuance, management and control of funds throughout the asset tokenisation process

Token issuance

  • Investor registrations (KYC/AMLprocesses)
  • Token sale
  • Documents and digital signature (automated)
  • Ramp for FIAT and Crypto money
  • Token safekeeping

Corporate Governance

  • Market cap table
  • Shareholder meeting and voting system
  • Creation of news and press releases
  • Contract management
  • Token issuance and burning


  • Trading board with trading communications
  • Settlement between pairs with atomic swap (no need for an escrow account)

Platform for tokenized project management

Investors Dashboard

Dashboard plataforma de tokenizacion de activos

Investor registration: KYC/AML accreditation.

Purchase of fiat and cryptocurrency tokens (eth, btc, stablecoins).

Wallet manager: transparent wallet creation, balance.

Wallet, balance maintenance, etc.

Projects Visualizations for investments

Buy/sell dashboard

Project Manager Dashboard

Summary of issued tokens, owned tokens, sold tokens, etc.

Investor summary: total investors, frozen tokens, whitelisted investors, etc.

Verification of new registered investors.

Voting module with the ability to create different types of votes.

Contract module where contracts can be created with electronic signature functionality.

dashboard proyectos de tokenizacion

Master Manager Dashboard

Project creation and advanced management features for definition of roles and responsibilities of each user..

Token issuance and management.

E-wallet management and custody of tokens.

Ability to create new projects with different URLs, different design, content, share classes, etc.

Ability to freeze an investor's assets so that they cannot be transferred out of the investor's wallet.

What is asset tokenisation and what does it consist of?

Stages in the asset tokenization process

1st stage:

Determine the asset or property to be tokenised and to consider the jurisdiction, types of shareholders and relevant regulations.

2nd stage:

Determine the legal structure. Several options are available to tokenize, such as spelling of a special

purpose vehicle (SPV), with revenue or profit - sharing rights

3rd stage:

Design the token,KYC/AML questionnaires, setting up the token escrow solution with an escrow provider and choosing the appropriat blockchain network for token creation.

4th stage:

Create a distribution plan and payment methods for potential investors to buy the token. The amount of funds raised can be seen on the dashboard in real time.

5th stage:

Manage processes and corporate actions including dividend distribution and shareholder voting, many of which can be automated through smart contracts encoded in the token.

6th stage:

Recover of the invested capital and profit through the SPV liquidation and burning of the token or the early sale of the tokens on the secondary market using an exchange platform designed for this purpose.

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