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BIMOUNT is a company committed to building trust and transactional transparency using blockchain technology.

At Bimount we believe in the democratization of financial systems, creating social, economic, and environmental value. Blockchain represents a paradigm shift that will facilitate fairer and more inclusive systems, by realizing many noble causes which have historically been merely declarative. Our vision, mission and solutions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda.

BIMOUNT was founded by Rodolfo Monsberger in partnership with the National College of Ireland to explore the applications of blockchain technology in the microfinance, green finance and real estate sectors.

Our Vision

Eclipsing transactional opacity with trust and transparency.

Our Mission

To develop autonomous systems that provide transactional traceability, promoting transparent business environments in collaborative ecosystems.

Bimount - Intelligent trustparency

The team

Work and talent

Rodolfo Monsberger
CEO & Founder

He holds three Master's

degrees in Fintech (Dublin), Banking and Finance (Edinburgh) Business Administration (Graz). He has

more than 20 years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and trainer in the financial industry.

Maximiliano Lopez
Maximiliano López
Business Developer Latam

He has a degree in Business Administration from the UNC with a focus on finance, has studies in data science and artificial intelligence, and is currently a tutor for the Data

Science degree at CoderHouse.

He has 15 years of experience in management and management of companies and ventures.

Victor del Rosal

Advisor and Mentor

Lecturer in Innovation and Emerging Technologies for Masters programmes at the National College of Ireland in Dublin. Lecturer and facilitator of NCI Citi upStart student teams. Author of the book:

"Disruption: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work".