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Tokenization of assets and real estate

Leading asset tokenisation and fund routing platform

Everything you need to attract investment in a transparent way

Assets tokenization

Get the highest liquidity with the most complete platform for tokenizing, managing and trading real assets.


Offer greater transparency to investors, lenders or donors, through the traceability of funds with blockchain technology.

Attract international investors, with an innovative crowdfunding platform which enables tokenization of assets, transparent project governance and monitoring of the use of funds.

Assets tokenization

Access quickly the global market and increase liquidity in your assets through Bimount's tokenization infrastructure. Take your business to a new level and gain greater control and flexibility over the token issuance, management and trading process.

tokenization real estate
trazabilidad de los fondos


Ensure trust and transparency in your projects, code payment rules with blockchain technology and reduce uncertainty among investors, lenders or donors.

Bimount Capital

Launch easily your innovative project on Bimount's crowdfunding platform. Leverage your idea with the largest community of global investors.

The future of finance is in blockchain


Tokenization creates greater liquidity by enabling the secure transfer of shares or

tokens between investors or by using the tokens as collateral.


On the Blockchain, transaction information becomes traceable and visible, resulting

in greater transparency and trust.


By fragmenting the investment into smaller tickets, it is possible to access a larger

number of retail investors participating in a financing round.


Smart Contracts are programmable actions on blockchain which facilitate the

automation of processes such as the fulfilment of payments, distribution of dividends, and others.


Decentralized architecture allows higher failure tolerance and resistance to attacks and to collusion between parties. It also reduces intermediaries, by making the complete system more efficient.


The most important long-term benefits come from the innovative and growing DeFi

ecosystem, which opens up new opportunities and offers access to new financial products.

Support from all major Blockchain networks


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